This Week’s Horoscopes Is Dominated By Tense Energy, Here’s How Zodiacs’ Tempers Will Rise

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The early part of this week is dominated by a very tense and antagonistic square aspect between Mars and Uranus. This energy mirrors what happens when something new and novel pushes against the status quo, and when vested interests want to defend their status at all costs. In our personal lives, this is a flashpoint, with raised tempers and often illogical actions.

The astrological vibes settle down, however, and on Sunday Mercury changes signs, moving into Aries. This is perfect for quick thinking and on-the-spot decision-making. During this transit, we don’t like to waste too much time thinking through the pros and cons – it’s a time for action, so follow your instincts and don’t over-think your choices.

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The tensions early this week are likely to center around your long-term objectives, Aries. It’s possible that you’re being slightly unrealistic, especially regarding how much money is necessary in order for you to achieve your dreams. As Mars and Uranus clash on Tuesday, this is likely to be brought into sharp focus for you, and you may feel frustrated, constrained or disappointed. Try not to let it ruin your week; all that is needed is a slight readjustment of your direction and an abundance mind shift.

When Mercury moves into Aries on Sunday you will be able to think much more clearly, and that’s the ideal moment to re-do your plans and to start manifesting your own reality.