This Week’s Horoscopes Is Dominated By Tense Energy, Here’s How Zodiacs’ Tempers Will Rise

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The early part of this week is dominated by a very tense and antagonistic square aspect between Mars and Uranus. This energy mirrors what happens when something new and novel pushes against the status quo, and when vested interests want to defend their status at all costs. In our personal lives, this is a flashpoint, with raised tempers and often illogical actions.

The astrological vibes settle down, however, and on Sunday Mercury changes signs, moving into Aries. This is perfect for quick thinking and on-the-spot decision-making. During this transit, we don’t like to waste too much time thinking through the pros and cons – it’s a time for action, so follow your instincts and don’t over-think your choices.

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The tensions early this week are likely to center around your long-term objectives, Aries. It’s possible that you’re being slightly unrealistic, especially regarding how much money is necessary in order for you to achieve your dreams. As Mars and Uranus clash on Tuesday, this is likely to be brought into sharp focus for you, and you may feel frustrated, constrained or disappointed. Try not to let it ruin your week; all that is needed is a slight readjustment of your direction and an abundance mind shift.

When Mercury moves into Aries on Sunday you will be able to think much more clearly, and that’s the ideal moment to re-do your plans and to start manifesting your own reality.


Lunar influences early in the week are romantic and passionate for you, Taurus – but this must be viewed against a backdrop of some considerable tension at work. On Tuesday in particular, when Mars and Uranus clash, you may find yourself questioning your career path or feeling uneasy with the values of your industry. You may even have to choose between money or personal authenticity. Don’t do anything sudden or impulsive.

Tensions will ease as the week passes. When Mercury changes signs on Sunday, your thought processes will become more intuitive and instinctive, so you won’t over-think the situation as much – a very good thing.


There could be some uncomfortable moments early this week, Gemini, when what you think you know is shown to be incorrect, false, mistaken or otherwise not fit for purpose. If you’ve been bluffing your way through a situation, the clash between Mars and Uranus on Tuesday will certainly blow your cover. The only way through this difficulty may be to admit that you were wrong and to make amends, fast.

There is better news later in the week, however. On Sunday, Mercury – your ruling planet – changes signs and moves into the friendship area of your natal birth chart, so this is a particularly good time to make new friends or to find new contacts on your wavelength.

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Don’t be surprised if normally good friends end up pushing your buttons this week, Cancer. There is a lot of tension in the air, particularly on Tuesday when Mars and Uranus clash, and it looks likely that something a friend says or does will be hurtful to you or perhaps inspire a lot of jealousy. With lunar influences tugging at your emotions too, it’s not an easy ride for a few days.

Stay calm, and keep your eyes set on the days ahead. Mercury changes signs on Sunday and breezes into the career zone of your natal birth chart, so exciting developments at work will soon take your mind off anything less pleasant.


There’s a strong family focus as the week begins, Leo, with lunar influences urging you to focus on domestic matters, family relationships and fun. However, when Mars and Uranus clash on Tuesday, it becomes clear that your partner has issues with your work or career, especially if it takes you away from home a lot. This is, unfortunately, a no-win situation for you – but at least allow your partner to air their grievances, as this is much healthier than leaving things unsaid.

On Sunday, Mercury will change signs to focus on the travel and adventure area of your chart. Heading off with your lover for a weekend away would be a lovely way of defusing the recent tension.


Responsibilities seem a little extra heavy as this week gets underway, Virgo. You have a huge amount on your to-do list, and family demands are increasing too. When Mars and Uranus clash on Tuesday, this may come to a head as your freedom is challenged and further constrained by your duties.

This doesn’t sound like much fun and to be honest, it isn’t; you may feel intensely frustrated or put upon. Hang on in there, however, because the weekend brings better news.

When Mercury changes signs on Sunday, you’ll find an intuitive, instinctive solution that will allow you to win – freeing up some of your time for joy, while still doing what needs to be done.

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Your finances will need careful handling early this week. Lunar influences are encouraging comfort spending, but the heavy-handed clash between Mars and Uranus on Tuesday is a direct warning not to take financial risks of any kind. There could be a lot of anger or jealousy tied up in your financial situation this week, especially if you and your partner disagree on money.

The good news is that tensions will fade as the weekend approaches. On Sunday, Mercury changes signs and moves into your love zone, facilitating much better cooperation and communication between you and your lover, so you can start to see eye to eye once more.


You start the week under the powerful influence of a Scorpio Moon, which increases your emotional intensity to the max. This means that on Tuesday when Mars and Uranus clash, you may find it difficult to remain calm and objective. The anger is likely to center around disagreements between your partner and your blood family – old grudges and resentments are not far from the surface.

The key is to think logically rather than with your heart. You’ll find this easier from Sunday onwards when Mercury changes signs. Let people talk through their differences and don’t feel that you have to take sides; it really isn’t your problem, as much as it feels that it is.


The week begins with lunar influences creating a foggy, forgetful vibe, which could lead to organizational chaos of sorts. If it does, Tuesday’s clash between Mars and Uranus will be felt very keenly, and you may be held responsible for a major error, whether it’s your direct fault or not.

However, with the Moon arriving in Sagittarius around the same time, you’ll have the confidence to stand your ground. When Mercury changes signs on Sunday, you’ll also feel quite impulsive and even a little bit reckless – it’s a good time to take a chance and to show people exactly how you manage a walk on the wild side.

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Don’t be surprised if you feel much more impulsive than normal early this week – especially if you’re being encouraged by friends. An off-the-wall decision you make on Tuesday could have repercussions, however, especially if a lot of money is involved. As Mars and Uranus clash, you’ll want to be very sure that you understand all the details.

When Mercury changes signs on Sunday, the focus shifts firmly towards your home and family life. This would be a very good time to handle real estate matters or to get back in touch with distant family members. Reach out and communicate.


Lunar vibes early this week are excellent for career progress and for increasing your social contacts. However, when Mars and Uranus – your ruling plant – clash on Tuesday, there could be a lot of tension between you and your relatives. It seems that their expectations of you are unfair or unrealistic. Know that this is their problem, not yours. You keep doing you.

When Mercury changes signs on Sunday, you’ll find it much easier to communicate. This is the time to reach out to family members for reconciliation, if you wish, but remember to still keep treading your own path.


Something vague is troubling you as the week begins, Pisces, but you may struggle to put it into words or even to pin down what exactly it is. However, when Mars and Uranus clash on Tuesday, these fears or ethereal emotions may seriously cloud your judgment. Try to talk things through with someone you trust, even if you struggle to get your meaning across. Don’t allow your subconscious to drive your future.

On Sunday, Mercury changes signs and moves into the money zone of your natal birth chart. This is likely to be a very good time to ask for a promotion or to take the next steps in a side business or income stream.

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