This Week’s Horoscopes Is Tainted By The Full Moon, Here’s How This Will Keep Zodiacs On Their Toes

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It’s a busy astrological week, with two sign changes and a glorious Leo Full Moon to keep us on our toes. First up on Monday, Mercury moves into progressive Aquarius, encouraging us to embrace logical, analytical thought and to move forwards for humanity.

Wednesday’s Full Moon is warm-hearted, generous and creative, but there could be tantrums too when someone doesn’t get their own way. Look to the Sun’s move into Pisces on Friday for a calmer, more reflective vibe. The weekend will be good for spiritual endeavors and for simply chilling out and enjoying the moment. Don’t feel that you necessarily have to be “doing something”.

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You’re in the mood for play this week, Aries, but if your responsibilities weigh too heavily on your shoulders, Wednesday’s Full Moon may be a tipping point. It’s not fair that you get so little time to yourself – but that goes for you and most of the rest of the world, too. This week’s energies encourage moderation, so you may have to curtail some of your free time.

When the Sun changes signs on Friday, a more serene and spiritual mood will take hold. This is good for understanding exactly how blessed you are, even if events earlier in the week have left you feeling grumpy and hard done by.