This Week’s Horoscope Is Emotional, Zodiacs Beware Of Jealousy And Control

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Weekly Horoscopes May 16th – 22nd, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

A potent Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings some drama on Monday, primarily centered around relationships, intimacy, jealousy, control, and debts – emotional as well as financial ones. 

The tense fall-out from the Eclipse will start to settle later in the week, however, particularly once the Sun moves into playful Gemini on Friday. This ushers in a much more light-hearted vibe and a curious one, too – excellent for learning more about the people around us.

Watch out for some edginess on Sunday when Mercury retrograde moves backward into Taurus, causing us to rethink finances and reconsider our firmly held views.

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Monday’s Lunar Eclipse could be transformative for you, Aries, although you’re likely to find it stressful too. Expect some shocks and upheaval as an old idea or outdated viewpoint dies or infidelity in a relationship unravels.

The tension will dissipate on Friday when the Sun changes signs, bringing you a chance to breathe, play, laugh, and socialize – a combination that will prove very healing after the drama of the Eclipse.

On Sunday, when Mercury retrogrades backward into your money zone, you may face a short period of financial shortage or loss. Keep a steady head when dealing with money, and above all, don’t panic.