This Week’s Horoscope Is Exceptionally Romantic, Here Are The Zodiac Signs Most Affected

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Weekly Horoscopes August 15th – 21st, 2022.Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

After a tense couple of weeks, this week looks to have a much brighter astrological picture. A bold, brave Aries Moon invigorates the early part of the week, with energy excellent for seizing the initiative and starting new projects.

A gorgeous trine between Venus and Jupiter is exceptionally romantic, heartfelt, optimistic energy on Thursday, inspiring passions, grand declarations of love, and an upswing in affection and the feel-good factor.

On Saturday, Mars moves into lively Gemini, ushering in a very sociable period, emphasizing talking, sharing, embracing new ideas, and enjoying plenty of good company. This weekend would be a fantastic time for a party!

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The Aries Moon is very empowering early this week – you probably need no encouragement to simply go for whatever you want right now. Bold action is rewarded, so don’t hesitate to follow your dreams.

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Aleksanadar Nakic / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro
Aleksanadar Nakic / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Thursday looks set to be one of the most passionate and romantic days of the year for you – if you’re dating, there could be some spectacular fireworks! If you’re already in love, this is the time to recreate the magic and passion you first felt together.

Meet up with friends on Saturday if you can. This is when Mars moves into the communication zone of your natal birth chart, so you’ll feel driven to get back in touch with people from your past and to catch up with those you haven’t seen for a while.


You can enjoy some relative peace and quiet early this week, which will help you to restore your energy and calm your mind. Monday and Tuesday are perfect days for meditation, prayer, solitude, and mystery.

On Thursday, a rush of healing energy comes from the beautiful Venus-Jupiter trine. You can use this to forgive others – and crucially, to forgive yourself too. It’s especially potent if there have been family estrangements or feuds.

Towards the end of the week, your thoughts turn to money, especially once Mars arrives in this area of your chart on Saturday. Harness some of your brightest ideas now and put them into practice in order to increase your income.


This could be one of the most sociable weeks of the year for you – enjoy! Lunar influences expand your friendships network on Monday and Tuesday, and you’ll enjoy getting together with like-minded people to pursue a common goal.

On Thursday, getting involved in the community or a good cause close to your heart will be particularly rewarding. When Venus trines Jupiter, you sense that you can make a difference in someone’s world, which is intensely motivating for you.

It’s on Saturday, however, that your real power starts to shine. As Mars edges into Gemini, your natural prowess as a communication, storyteller, persuader, and influencer comes to the fore. You can change hearts and minds. Do so responsibly.

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This week’s positive energy is mainly centered around your career and ambitions. Lunar influences here are beneficial early in the week, enabling you to employ your head and heart in some career-related decisions.

When Venus trines Jupiter on Thursday, a stroke of good fortune may find you in the right place at the right time to gain financial rewards from your employment or a new business. Be sure to say yes to any opportunities that land in your lap.

However, Mars changes signs on Saturday and shifts into the most spiritual area of your natal birth chart. Driven to pray, meditate and pursue a higher path, you’ll want to ensure that your work or business acts ethically and for the greater good.


Itchy feet early this week are best soothed by lots and lots and lots of activity. Stay as busy as you can, and get out and about in your neighborhood. New places and new faces will energize and inspire you.

Thursday’s lovely trine energy comes from Venus and Jupiter – together, these feel-good planets urge you to push past your self-imposed boundaries and start a new adventure. What will you do with all this potential?

Mars provides further impetus when it changes signs on Saturday. Think about your long-term objectives, and don’t be afraid to change direction in the short term if it will serve you well further down the line.


The Moon empowers you early this week, especially if you’re feeling under pressure or stressed out. You have far more inner strength and personal power than you realize. Dig deep, hold your head up high, and keep going.

On Thursday, Venus and Jupiter join forces to uplift you further. Expect to feel a profound sense of awakening as a deeper, spiritual realization stirs within you. Spooky or strange events hold answers if you care to look.

Towards the weekend, however, your focus will shift abruptly towards more practical matters, especially in your career. The arrival of Mars at the very top of your chart urges you to think bigger in terms of what you want to achieve.

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Excitement and passion in love make for a fun start to this week, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Feeling romantic and secure, this would be a good time for you to reaffirm a commitment to your partner.

A beautiful trine between Venus and Jupiter links love and friendship on Thursday. Get together with friends for a double date, perhaps – or if you are single, it could be that destiny turns a friendship into something much more intimate.

This is a super-positive week for you, with lots of potential for love, affection, and joy. You’ll want to break out of your routine, especially once Mars changes signs on Saturday. Do what you can to ring the changes.


The more you can focus this week, the better your results. Lunar influences on Monday and Tuesday help you shut out the world and concentrate on what you need to do. Zero in on your goals and take them step by step.

Jupiter and Venus conspire to bring you good luck in a work-related matter on Thursday. Be open to possibilities – and try to view any problems at work as opportunities in disguise.

Passion beckons over the weekend, particularly on Saturday when Mars changes signs. Watch out for jealousy, however. Your vindictive streak could ruin an otherwise good thing.


Try not to take life too seriously early this week. The lunar influences on Monday and Tuesday are all about having some fun. This is a high-energy vibe, so get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Otherwise, you may start to feel trapped or anxious.

On Thursday, Venus and your ruler, Jupiter, combine forces to bless any travel, sport, or adventure plans you may have. If your hopes for something exciting have previously been blocked, this astrological influence unlocks everything: it’s time to say ‘yes’ to life!

The good news just keeps on coming over the weekend as Mars moves into the love zone of your natal birth chart. Passion and affection increase – enjoy!

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Early this week, your attention will likely be taken up with domestic issues – appliances will need repairing, or renovations at home will need careful planning. Real estate issues are well-starred, but you may need to be patient when other people are involved.

Look to a family member for some financial support on Thursday, when Venus trines Jupiter. Even though your pride may be dented by accepting money from family, your loved ones truly want to help.

When Mars changes signs on Saturday, you can expect your sense of purpose to boost substantially. You’ll be keen to get on with things at work and to push ahead with your mid-term plans.


Monday and Tuesday this week are jam-packed days for you. There will be competing demands on your time and attention, so prioritize whatever is most important to you before it gets lost in the rush.

A very loving and communicative vibe on Thursday is a chance to hold truly meaningful conversations with your sweetheart. Remember to listen as much as you talk because Venus and Jupiter have some important insights to share with you.

There will be more time for fun and relaxation over the weekend when Mars moves into your joy zone. However, watch out for some impulsive, risk-taking urges. You may sense a need to take a brief walk on the wild side.


Monday and Tuesday are good days for making steady progress, no matter your focus. Don’t rush to get things done; instead, take time to do them properly and carefully.

On Thursday, Venus and Jupiter stand ready to reward sustained effort. This fortunate influence isn’t about a sprint to the finish line; it’s about you having done the right thing, day in, day out, and finally receiving some reward.

Look to Saturday, when Mars changes signs, for some exciting developments in your family life. There could be cause for a celebration – or even the arrival of a new family member, pet, or lodger.

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