This Week’s Horoscopes Will Have You Sensually Relying On Your Heart Over Logic

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Weekly Horoscopes July 4th – 10th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

Two sign changes (along with the Moon moving into Libra) set the tone for this astrological week, both occurring on Tuesday. First, warrior planet Mars moves into sensual, sensible Taurus, driving us to build, create, and stabilize our lives.

Later the same day, Mercury arrives in Cancer, increasing intuition and encouraging us to express our deepest feelings. This is also shrewd business energy, particularly for investments or anything involving PR and customer relations.

It’s a good idea to get as much as possible done early in the week. However, Saturday sees a tricky square between Mercury and Jupiter, which will make it more challenging to work on practical issues over the weekend, and ideas are likely to be tough to pin down.

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Your ruling planet Mars leaves your sign on Tuesday to head into the money and values area of your natal birth chart. This is excellent motivation for increasing your income – but when it comes to promoting your values, be careful not to become bigoted or too much of a zealot.

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Mercury is also on the move this week, heading into the family zone of your chart. Use this energy to get back in touch with distant or estranged family members. If you take the initiative with communication, even long-standing issues can be smoothed out successfully.

Be very careful with the truth over the weekend, especially around family. Exaggerated claims or gossip are likely to create tensions as Mercury and Jupiter clash.


Expect to feel a very welcome upsurge in energy on Tuesday, when Mars moves into Taurus. This energy is motivating and ambitious, both in your personal and professional life – however, do take care not to come across as too dogmatic or overbearing. Less is more when Mars transits your sign!

Also on Tuesday, Mercury changes signs and arrives in your communication zone, helping you get your message across much more clearly. This is a hugely beneficial influence if you work in sales or PR. If you need to sell your own talents in a job search situation, it’s also very helpful.

Over the weekend, however, be sure to stay grounded and not get caught up in unrealistic ideas. Mercury and Jupiter clash to confuse what is or is not possible.


This is a quieter week than you might usually enjoy – but there is much peace and wellbeing to find in solitude. On Tuesday, Mars moves into the most private area of your natal birth chart, driving you away from the social whirl and into a much more introspective mood.

Mercury also changes signs on Tuesday, heading into your values zone. Combined, these two sign changes make this a good week for reassessing your priorities. Are you living up to your authentic values? Are you being true to yourself?

A clash with friends may occur over the weekend when Mercury and Jupiter square up to one another; try to avoid mixing money with friendship.

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An extremely sociable vibe this week comes courtesy of the arrival of Mars in your friendship zone. This influence will push you to meet new people and to make new friends, but watch your motives – try to enjoy people for who they are, rather than for what they might be able to do to help you.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into your sign, which will clear your head and provide an intellectual boost. It’s much easier for you to express the depth of your feelings during this transit, so it’s an excellent week for heart-to-heart chats with whoever matters most.

On Saturday, however, be careful with what you say in public or on social media. If your job depends on a squeaky clean image, your words could come back to haunt you.


Expect to feel empowered on Tuesday, especially in your career – with Mars moving to the very top of your natal birth chart, your ambitions are surging. What’s more, you have the drive and the willpower to get things done now, so success is highly likely.

Mercury is also on the move, heading into the most spiritual and secretive part of your chart. This gifts you greater intuition and an awareness of your psychic senses, but it also means that you’ll be prone to guilt and self-doubt. Keep your head held high.

On Saturday, double-check any travel details very carefully, as Mercury and Jupiter create confusion and misunderstandings.


Is it time to get out of your rut, Virgo? The arrival of Mars in your adventure zone on Tuesday could be vital to finding a new and happier routine. This energy urges you to try something different, travel, explore, and broaden your horizons.

Almost simultaneously, your ruling planet Mercury moves into the social zone of your natal birth chart, making it easier for you to find like-minded souls and feel at home in a new tribe. Why not team up with new friends to take on an adventure?

However, avoid getting too personal too quickly with new people, especially on Saturday when Mercury and Jupiter clash.

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This week’s energy is about paying financial, practical, emotional, or karmic debts. With Mars energizing a very complex area of your chart, you’ll want to be sure that you have paid what you owe. Equally, you’ll want to be sure that others pay up on the debts they owe to you.

Mercury is on the move into the career zone of your chart, so this week is excellent for showcasing your soft skills, your people skills, and your all-around diplomacy at work. Make yourself indispensable.

Be wary if you are working over the weekend, however. Mercury and Jupiter’s clash highlights discomfort with your work-life balance, particularly from your partner.


Expect some intense developments in your love life this week, whether you’re single or not. Mars, your ancient ruling planet, moves into your opposite sign, heralding a week of passion and drama, with some anger and aggression in the mix too.

To help calm the storm, Mercury is on the move, too, into one of the most intellectual areas of your chart. If you’re dealing with tempestuous emotions in love, try to talk it out rationally, as hard as that may seem.

Be careful with travel-related issues over the weekend because Mercury and Jupiter play havoc with your personal organization skills on Saturday.


This week, it’s all about getting things done. Mars, the great motivator, moves into your personal organization zone, urging you to tie up loose ends, finish those never-ending projects, tidy up, and tick things off your to-do list. There’s a lot of satisfaction on offer here simply for getting on with it.

Mercury changes signs, too, provoking a lot of profound thinking from you. Expect to have more questions than answers on the issues of life, death, spirituality, and greater meaning.

Try to avoid taking any financial risks over the weekend. Mercury’s clash with Jupiter on Saturday means that details can be misleading.

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Wow, it’s heating up in here! On Tuesday, passion planet Mars moves into your dating zone. If you’re single and looking for love, this could be a rollercoaster ride! If you’re already in a relationship, use this energy to reignite the sparks of passion. Enjoy!

Even more good news comes from Mercury, which moves into your love zone, also on Tuesday. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your other half, dissolving any tension and misunderstandings.

Try not to make promises you don’t want to keep, however, especially on Saturday – when Mercury clashes with Jupiter, you may find yourself talked into something by your in-laws.


There’s good news this week if family or domestic issues have been dragging on. On Tuesday, Mars moves into this area of your chart, speeding everything up and driving events towards a successful conclusion.

Mercury also changes signs on Tuesday, and this influence is excellent for improving your time management and organization. Make lots of lists and look for ways to streamline your tasks to get more from every 24 hours.

Don’t take on too much over the weekend, however. When Mercury and Jupiter clash on Saturday, it will be easy to become overwhelmed and confused. Finish up one small task before you take on yet another.


Don’t be surprised if your words come out more forcefully than you intend this week. Mars is arriving in your communication zone, which gives more authority and punch to what you say, even when you don’t consciously try. That makes this a wonderful week for getting agreement or support from others – don’t waste this useful influence!

Mercury changes signs, too, boosting your creativity and helping you to get more in tune with your inner child. Board games, word puzzles, and fun, messy art are all good ideas for your spare time this week and will bring much enjoyment.

However, when Mercury squares up to Jupiter on Saturday, beware of a financial offer that seems too good to be true. It’s almost certainly not what it appears.

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