6 Ways To Thrive In This World As An Empath

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1. Don’t take responsibility for the feelings of others.

At the end of the day, you aren’t responsible for the feelings of others. We each have our own experience and to be able to empathize is great, but you aren’t responsible for making your mom happy, or your boyfriend feel good about himself, or your friends feel wanted. They are in charge of their own feelings.

2. Fully feel your pain.

When you’re emotionally hurt, don’t try to run from that pain. In order to be a healing empath, you have to be emotionally sound. In this way, feeling your pain fully makes you a stronger person.

3. Don’t try to shield yourself.

Don’t try to protect yourself and your aura from other people. That’s not how empathy works. Instead, take in the world as it is. Don’t try to shield yourself from negative energy.

4. Keep your self-esteem high.

Without high self-esteem, it’s easy for an empath to become weighed down by negative self-talk and depression. Remember, just because others might dislike who they are doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t have to share that experience with them.

5. Understand that most people are empaths.

We’re soft wired for empathy. It’s in our brains. Empathy is the ability to experience someone else’s experience as if it were your own. Not everyone chooses to embrace their empathy the way that you have. This often leads to narcissism and aggression. But in your case, you’ve embraced it. Recognize that most other people feel like you do.

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