Discover What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality

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January babies have a strong work ethic and equally strong opinions they’re not afraid to voice. They can be stubborn and as cold as their birth month. They make excellent teachers.


February babies are creative and enjoy working on long, difficult projects. They like stimulating conversation and to travel to distant lands. They’re loyal, honest friends and partners.


March babies are also creative and imaginative, but they tend to be more introspective that February babies. They express themselves through art, not words, and require a great deal of time alone in serene environments.


April babies crave attention, like the first crocus flowers to bloom. They don’t take kindly to being ordered around and love new adventures. They tend to act first and think later.


May babies are fickle, often wanting something different today than they did yesterday. They’re active, social people who get bored easily. They constantly need new things to entertain them.


June babies are sensitive and caring toward others. They’re the ones who try to save the world from the evils mankind sometimes displays. They get frustrated easily by the fact that they can’t often express themselves well with words.


July babies have many of the same traits as those born in June, but they tend to be more extroverted. They live for adventures and dedicate themselves to their communities. They have high energy levels and draw people in easily.


August babies are natural born leaders, fitting for a month named after Augustus, a natural born leader. They’re bossy and opinionated, but they have exceptionally big hearts.


September babies have incredibly high expectations of others and are often let down when they see failure. They’re stubborn and they hold grudges. Their greatest mistake is holding others at a higher standard than they do themselves.


October babies love change, which is fitting for a month in which the leaves of trees begin to change color. They don’t deal well with confrontation. They’d rather go for a roll in the leaves and dress up as something funny than be serious.


November babies are secretive, often hiding their true feelings and intentions. They carve their own path through life. They have few fears and jump head first into things, consequences be damned.


December babies are generous and kind people. They sometimes have a great deal of pride that gets in the way of their better judgement. They are often feisty, entertaining people.

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