Time Does Not Exist – It Never Did And Never Will

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Time keeps on slippin’ into the future, but what if it didn’t actually exist? Everything in the universe exists in this specific moment and time doesn’t exist, at least according to Quantum Theory. The idea that time flows is actually pretty absurd.

Of course, we accepted time as a reality up until 100 years ago when Einstein decided to mess it up for us with his theory of relativity. Now, the concept is called into question, and for good reason.

“One finds that time just disappears from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation,” says Carlo Rovelli, a physicist at the University of the Mediterranean in Marseille, France. “It is an issue that many theorists have puzzled about. It may be that the best way to think about quantum reality is to give up the notion of time–that the fundamental description of the universe must be timeless.”

“If you try to get your hands on time, it’s always slipping through your fingers,” says Julian Barbour. “People are sure time is there, but they can’t get hold of it. My feeling is that they can’t get hold of it because it isn’t there at all.”

What do you think? Is time real?