4 Tips For Spotting Fake Friends

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Fake people and authentic people. It’s like a constant fight to tell one from the other. No one wants fake friends in their lives. We want real, decent people to spend time with.

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These are 4 tips for spotting the fakes.

1. Your real friends help you – no questions asked.

A friend helping another get up an incline while on a hike.
Pexels / PNW Production
Pexels / PNW Production

Chances are, you’re a self-starter that doesn’t need much help at all. But face it, sometimes we need a hand.

Car breaks down, we might need help getting to the store. Preparing for a big move? You might need a little bit of help getting there.

Your real friends might have some scheduling conflicts, but you know when you’re being given a flat no just because “no” is the answer.

Your real friends will be there to help you with whatever you need.