“Time Traveller” From 2671 Warns Something Big Is Happening On Christmas Day

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The date of December 25th is widely recognized as a special day. While some celebrate it religiously, others indulge in the holiday as a time for celebration and gift-giving with loved ones. However, this year, a person claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2671 is warning that this Christmas day might be unlike no other.

As you pencil in your Christmas day dinner on the 25th, this Tiktoker also wants you to prepare for a life-changing event. The social media user goes by the name of Eno Alaric, and these are his predictions.

Keep in mind that none have been backed up at the time of writing.

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Something That Will Change The Way We Live

A series of events is about to change the world as we know it. Given that we are still just recovering from a global pandemic, this is a high standard to reach. However, the time traveler claims that because he is from 2671, he already knows that Christmas will not be the only event on the calendar on December 25th.

tiktoker screenshot planet
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok

The user claims that “something big will happen on this day that shocks the world” and goes as far as to claim that it “will change the way humans live forever.“ He adds that “The big day is remembered for centuries and changes how humans live.” This day supposedly impacts Alaric in his future time.

A Plea To Be Taken Seriously

Posting this video under the username @radianttimetraveller on Tiktok, Alaric has gained over 26,000 followers. This isn’t his first warning. The creator has previously warned about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors, and even portals opening to other dimensions.

time traveler message screenshot about December 25th
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok

But now, the TikTok user is pleading to his followers, hoping that we’ll listen to his warning that Christmas Day 2022 will see the biggest event in history. Alaric feels like he isn’t being taken seriously: “I have been giving you all dates to be warned of, and you have not been taking it seriously. So please, remember this date; it will be the biggest event in history.”

7 Countries Become A Powerhouse

This is one of many bold predictions that have been claimed by the account. According to the time traveler, many changes are ahead in the couple of years to come. They also shared that the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Finland will ‘unite together’ at some point in 2027, “creating a massive powerhouse.”

tiktok message screenshot naming 7 countries
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok

It’s unclear what political or historical events could drive that union. However, users are amused, with some pointing out that these countries, with the exception of the U.K., are already part of the European Union so this isn’t exactly “news.”

35,000 Year-Old Bunker Changes The World

That’s not it! If you’re looking for more predictions, the time traveler shares that in 2023 a bunker over 35,000 years old will be discovered in Argentina.

tiktok bunker screenshot about how it will be discovered
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok
radianttimetraveler / Tiktok

Apparently, this bunker will have the power to change the world as it has “many secrets inside of it, such as ancient times, technology, hidden code, and more.” It’s no secret that ancient civilizations left traces of technologies and systems that were ahead of their time. For example, discoveries have proved that the ancient Egyptians were able to really generate electricity.

Perhaps this prediction isn’t too far out of reach.

Proof Of Time Travel?

Time travel is usually limited to movies and books in the science fiction genre. We like to imagine how far we would go if we could rewrite history and give humanity another chance. However, in those movies, it never seems to end well.

clock on black background shows 8:35
Denise Jans / Unsplash
Denise Jans / Unsplash

Even though this user is claiming to be able to go against the forces of nature and the essence of time as linear as we know it, they seem confident in their predictions. They believe that once they come true, the world will finally believe that time travel is real, stating: “This will 100 percent prove that I am a real-time traveler, don’t forget the date.”

Still No Idea What Will Happen Exactly

People who have seen these predictions aren’t buying for one major reason: the user never actually shared what exactly will happen on December 25th. One of the followers commented: “You have to tell us exactly what is going to happen. Otherwise, you’re wasting our time.”

woman-holding-string-lights by christmas tree
Valeria Boltneva / Pexels
Valeria Boltneva / Pexels

Others are completely disregarding the claims in general: “I’m a time traveler too and I know what the event is… Christmas.” Some social media users may feel that the “time traveler” is simply trying to get a following to profit off of them and is willing to share nonsense in the process.

Are Time Travelers Communicating Through Social Media?

For a minute, let’s consider that time travel is real and that scientists finally get to a point where they can engineer a machine that can transcend time. In that case, would time travelers really choose Tiktok out of all mediums to share their knowledge? This was an observation shared by many who watched the video with over 25,000 views. One commented: “time travelers come back to this age to use TikTok,” with a laughing emoji.

person in hoodie and anonymous mask sits at computer with code
Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels
Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

Alaric isn’t the only user who claims to be a time traveler. He writes: “there are six of us here, some you may know as they have already gone public.

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woman's hands holding white crystal ball
Gantas Vaičiulėnas / Pexels
Gantas Vaičiulėnas / Pexels

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