Tiny Dragon Discovered In Indonesia – Draco Volans

It wasn't exactly just discovered, but the Draco Volans, a tiny lizard that looks stunningly like a dragon, has been discovered in Indonesia. It's not a dragon since, you know, dragons don't exist, but they are an incredible animal. They've developed the ability to fly in order to avoid predators.

Each lizard has a wing-like appendage that allows them to soar from tree to tree, enabling them quick escapes when needed. It also helps them catch delicious insects and and attract mates. They are able to fly about 30 feet with a single leap. Pretty impressive.

Where birds have wings covered in feathers, the Draco Volans has an elongated ribcage that they can extend and retract when needed. Draco Volans only reach about 8 inches in length, so don't expect it to go all Trogdor and burn down some feudal villages any time soon.

Click "READ MORE" to see an amazing video of the Draco Volans in action!

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