Thriving Tiny Ecosystem In A Sealed Bottle Hasn’t Been Watered In Over 40 Years

Plants and greenery usually require multiple things in order to survive. Soil, air, water, and sunlight for example. However, there are some unique cases when that isn’t always true.

The small ecosystem you’ll see in this article has not been watered for over forty years! It has been sitting all that time in a sealed bottle.

Even though it hasn’t been watered in ages, it continues to thrive and grow!

How is this possible?

The story begins on Easter Sunday of the year 1960. On that fateful day, David Latimer planted a seed in a glass bottle out of pure curiosity.

What happened over the next fifty plus years has shocked not only David, but the entire world as well. He had no clue that the small seed would flourish into an entire ecosystem.

The last time Latimer watered the plant was in 1972! Nearly half a century later, the sealed bottle garden is still growing strong as ever.