Take A Look Inside This Oregon Man's 280 Square Foot Tiny Luxury Home

The tiny house movement is picking up steam rapidly. More and more people are realizing you don't need a McMansion in order to be happy, and that having a low or no mortgage, lower bills, and less stuff is something to smile about. Some 68% of tiny home owners don't even have a mortgage. Sounds awesome, huh?

Tiny homes cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 dollars, depending on how luxurious and large you intend to make them. They can be built almost anywhere and are great for any community. They make awesome homes for young families that haven't grown too large yet and can be useful in ending homelessness too.

Chris Heininge is a fan of the tiny home movement, so he decided to build his own 280 square foot tiny home. Check it out!

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