The Mythical Tomb Of Osiris, God Of The Underworld, Has Been Uncovered In Egypt

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This week we can report that an incredible discovery has been made in Egypt. A Spanish-Italian archaeological team in Egypt has uncovered the legendary tomb of Osiris in the necropolis of Shiekh Abd el-Qurna at Thebes.

The tomb, a huge, multi-level complex, includes various chambers and shafts as well as a massive hall supported by five large pillars and a staircase that leads to the funerary complex. Throughout, there is art depicting Osiris. The funerary room features demons brandishing knives, set there to protect the body of the deceased.

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The tomb was built around the emerald statue of Osiris, situated in the central vaulted chapel. Researchers believe the tomb was built sometime between 760 BC and 525 BC, during the rule of the 25th and 26th dynasties.

There is much Osireon symbolism in the tomb, as the Luxor Times Magazine reports, which contains “a big staircase of 3.5 meter long with a 4 meter high ceiling at the bottom leading to the Netherworld and another one leading directly to the Osiris statue, which is therefore at a higher level and ideally isolated on ‘his island’; the Osiris statue itself; the empty corridor surrounding it which symbolizes the channel of water (see Osireion in Abydos); the expected burial chamber below the statue, thus identifying the deceased with Osiris.

The tomb was partially discovered in 1887 by Philippe Virey, but was never fully uncovered until recently. They plan to consider their exploration of the tomb into 2016.