6 Easy Ways To Practice Mindfulness

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1. Focus on today’s tasks.

A woman seated at her desk, looking at her laptop with a focused expression.
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Long-term goals are important, but eyeballing the long-term goals can take the wind out of your sails today.

Know what you have to do at this exact moment in time to meet your goals and you’ll find yourself rooted better in the here and now.

2. You’re trying too hard to be mindful.

There’s this idea out there that in order to be mindful, you have to do x, y, and z. That’s not really the case.

There’s no one-size-fits-all to mindfulness. It’s different for each person. Choose practicing mindfulness that’s right for you. Learn your lessons. Do what you can.

3. Planning too much.

When you make a bunch of big plans for the future, you might find your mind drawn a little too far ahead of you.

We’re not saying don’t make plans, but definitely keep a few hours free every day. Give yourself a little you time for a cup of coffee or a nice walk.

4. Leave your failures behind.

Not being focused on the present doesn’t just involve looking ahead, but looking back as well.

We all fail at some time or another in our lives. When we fail, we can sometimes obsess over the past. Instead, learn the lesson that’s there to learn and move on.

5. Stop seeking instant gratification.

Yeah, in today’s world, it’s all about satisfaction and gratification right now. Instead of rushing headlong into everything, take a deep breath and know that sometimes things take time.

Your satisfaction will be greater if you slow down and enjoy what’s happening now.

6. Stay focused.

We live in a chaotic world where distractions abound. Emails, phone calls, dating apps, television; there are tons of things that distract us.

Those distractions can shift us away from this moment and hurt quite a bit more than they help. Instead, make a note of distractions and then return to the task at hand.

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