This music is addictive! Jumping Brass Sounds by Too Many Zooz

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Too Many Zooz is an American musical group from New York City. David “King of Sludge” Parks plays the drums, Matt “Doe” Muirhead on the trumpet, and Leo Pellegrino is the baritone saxophone player.

Pellegrino and Muirhead met while they were studying at the Manhattan School of Music. Pellegrino and Parks had previously played together in Drumadics, a local band.

In 2013, the trio started playing together at several stations in the New York City Subway in their self-defined genre – brass house.

The first got their taste of fame when a video of their subway performance at the Union Square station went viral in 2014. They’re also known for Pellegrino’s signature dance moves while playing.

You can follow them all over social media:Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Website | Instagram | YouTube

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