Discover Your Spirit Animal – The Top 5 Spirit Animals

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Spirit Animals are all the rage among many new age circles, but it’s actually a very old, very solemn belief. Spirit Animals stem from ancient animistic and totemistic belief systems from around the world. Indigenous American people and Australian aboriginal people both incorporated Totemism into their core belief systems.

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Animism is more of a pagan-rooted belief system. Some European faiths, as well as Buddhism and Shinto, believed that animals and plants had spirits that watched over us. Your spirit animal is determined by a number of different factors. Certain animals present themselves to you in a way where you simply know it is your guide. Which spirit animal watches over you?

1. The fox.

The fox is naturally a cunning creature, often able to take decisive action at a moment’s notice and navigate through tricky situations. The fox watches over you in an attempt to help you sharpen your mental skills and assist in critical thinking. If the fox appears in your life, pay closer attention to the motives of people in your life and develop your perception.

2. The hawk.

The hawk is often the messenger, bridging the spirit world and our world. If your animal is the hawk, play around with divination tools. Give in to your intuition. Take very good care of your karma. The hawk is trying to tell you that there’s more to this life than what you see.

3. The bear.

The bear shows strength even during times of the most adversity. If the bear is your guide, it may be time for you to learn a lesson from the bear and become more firm in your beliefs and ideals. Know what your truth is and be a leader. Don’t let anyone mess with your family and friends.

4. The owl.

The owl is often best known for being able to see perfectly at night. As a spirit guide, the owl helps you see through, for lack of a better term, bullshit. The owl helps you cut through illusions and deception and lies, seeing what’s hidden beneath the surface. The owl is a strong guide when dealing with sticky social situations.

5. The wolf.

The wolf is the animal most in tune with her instincts. If your guide is the wolf, pay closer attention to your gut instincts. Stay closely connected with your true feelings. The wolf may appear to you in your dreams, and when it does, take the time to recognize that things might not be going the right direction for you. Think hard about the people in your life and the things you’re doing.

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