Toxic Communication Issues Are Amplified, Blame It On Your Horoscope This Week

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Weekly Horoscopes September 12th – 18th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

The first part of this week abounds with relatively stable, grounded energy, particularly from lunar influences on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is a good period for getting on with routine hard work, chores, and daily responsibilities.

Friday, however, brings a much more difficult vibe. An ill-tempered Venus-Mars square brings some quite toxic communication issues and a definite lack of respect. Meanwhile, the Sun opposes Neptune, so egos get in the way of easy resolution – and someone may not be telling the whole truth.

On Sunday, Mercury opposes Jupiter, both retrograde, so any tech mishaps or communication breakdowns are likely to be amplified. Success goes to those who can best control their frustration, helped by a constructive Sun-Pluto trine as the week draws to a close.

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Anything that grounds you is very well-starred for much of this week. Getting outside for plenty of exercise will help motivate and focus your mind, and so will calming, graceful movement routines like ballet, yoga, or tai chi.

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Peter Forster / Unsplash
Peter Forster / Unsplash

Be prepared for some tension with colleagues on Friday as Venus and Mars clash. You may well be in the right, but insisting on that isn’t going to do you any favors. It’s a much better idea to stay humble and to seek compromise at work. There isn’t space here for your giant-sized ego to get in the way.

Be careful with communication in your relationship on Sunday. As Mercury retrograde opposes Jupiter retrograde, it’s easy to get the wires crossed. You are actually both on the same side, so don’t let misunderstandings get in your way.