People from toxic families tend to share these 4 struggles

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There are a good deal of articles out there that discuss the various issues of being in a toxic relationship. Usually, these issues apply to a romantic relationship and how to fix or walk away from it’s been accurately identified.

However, there seems to be a lack of articles that discuss the struggles of those who find themselves in a toxic family situation.

The struggles you feel from a toxic family deserve their own attention. It’s not the same as being in a romantic relationship, and it’s certainly a situation that is infinitely harder to walk away from.

Here are four serious struggles that people face when they find themselves in a toxic, family setting.

1. Communication is Difficult

man in black shirt background raising hands at woman upset in foreground

Children who grow up in a dysfunctional or toxic family situation understand that communication with others is difficult.

Children learn how to communicate and function in society healthily by learning lessons at home.

If their parents and siblings are dysfunctional, their sense of normality is skewed from the beginning. They have to learn that what’s going on at home isn’t the norm.