6 Signs You're Becoming A Toxic Person

1. You focus on #1 all the time.

It's an important thing to take care of yourself. You need to be good to your body and mind. But when everything becomes about you, not just your well being but every little whim and preference needs to be matched, it's a sign you're becoming a toxic person.

2. It's never your fault.

There's always someone you can blame for what is so clearly your fault. No matter what the argument is about or what happens, you find a way to deflect any blame off of yourself and onto other people.

3. You complain all the time.

Complaining is healthy. It helps you get your thoughts out of your head and into the world and can get people helping you resolve issues. It's when you only complain and never do anything about it that your complaining becomes counterproductive.

4. You're a gossiper.

No one likes a gossip. By doing this kind of thing, you're trying to present yourself at a higher level by pushing others down. In reality, you're only dragging them down to your level. You aren't uplifting yourself by doing this at all.

5. You're a drama king/queen.

Everything in your life seems to be some big dramatic battle and everyone seems to end up in a fight with you at some point. This is something that happens when you become a toxic person.

6. You can't recognize yourself.

Maybe it's time to make a change for the better.

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