How To See An Aura: Learn To See The Hunan Aura

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Auras are an energy field that is present around every living creature and some inanimate objects. The aura is generated by the 7 major chakras and the 114 minor chakras in the human body.

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Your thoughts, emotions, actions, and even dietary choices can impact the aura.

The aura is something like a shield. A shield can get dented, damaged, and worn out. So can your aura! The aura can absolutely have holes and weak points in it. That’s what makes seeing auras so important. A weakened aura makes you susceptible to negative energy.

Truly, the ability to see an aura isn’t a novelty, but a very practical thing to be able to do. Eventually, you’ll be trained well enough to see when someone is sick, when someone is mad or happy, and even the future intentions of people. Check out the video below to learn more about seeing auras.