7 Traits Of People Who Were Born To Travel

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Sometimes I think the love of travel is a gene. You either have it or you don’t. There are things only you’ll understand too. But don’t worry, you share it with other travelers.

1. You don’t get scared easily.

Someone holding onto an electrical pole high above a city.
Unsplash / Jack Sloop
Unsplash / Jack Sloop

Travel can be risky depending on where you’re going. It’s not always the safest thing to do.

But it’s in your blood – you’re not afraid of what could go wrong. Some of the most beautiful places in the world are a little bit dangerous. But you’re not afraid of a little danger.

2. There’s no such thing as stranger danger.

To you, a stranger is just someone who isn’t your friend yet. Making friends in travel is so much fun.

I like to carry a deck of cards with me so that if I find myself bored somewhere, like on a train or on a flight, I can pull it out and play cards with someone I’m traveling with.

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3. You love maps.

This is true about me for sure. I love maps. I love looking at maps. I love plotting routes and investigating little towns.

I like to see how you get around and what the rest of the world has to offer.

I recently moved to Oregon and put a big Oregon map on my office wall. You can bet I’ll be exploring every square inch of this state.

4. You’re curious.

You heard about a hole in the wall bar in a city you’ve never been that only allows 5 people in at a time and is otherwise locked down.

You can only get in if you’re friends with someone who can get in. So you go make a friend who can get in. In a massive city you’ve never been.

They probably only have shitty beer on tap but dammit you need to see what’s going on in there. Yeah, you’re that kind of curious.

5. You are a master packer

This is how I’ve gotten over the years. I can pack every cubic inch of space in a backpack or a car. I’m so good at it. Travel will do that to you.

6. You’re not worried about disease.

There are diseases in parts of the world that we don’t have in the United States. Some there are inoculations for, but some there aren’t. You don’t care though. You’re not afraid. You’ll take the risk.

7. Jet lag doesn’t stop you.

This is a weird thing about me. I never get jet lag. I can fall into the right sleep cycle immediately wherever I am. It’s nice.

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