18 Things You Should NEVER Do While Traveling Abroad

I've been to numerous countries on three continents over the years. I'm incredibly privileged to have been able to experience so much of the world at a young age.

Sometimes I think the love of travel is a gene. You either have it or you don't. There are things only you'll understand too. But don't worry, you share it with other travelers.

If you're able to, I recommend traveling as much as you can. This list of 18 things not to do overseas is perfect. In France, it's considered impolite to ask about money.

They say life is like a book and those who don't travel read only one page. It's true, there's much we can learn through traveling around our chaotic world.

This is a basic theme for people who travel a lot. When you leave your home, you leave your entire comfort zone. Once you've left that comfort zone, you learn to thrive in situations that you'd otherwise never be exposed to.

In Germany, people believe that a person may not live to their birthday if congratulated early. In Turkey, the "okay" gesture is seen as offensive.

In China, clocks and umbrellas are seen as bad luck when offered as gifts. What are some of your overseas faux pas observations?

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