5 Commons Behaviors That Keep You From Finding The Right Person

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No matter who you are, if you’re a human being, then connecting and forming close bonds with other people is a priority in your life.

Even those of us who are more shy or introverted still need at least a few good friends and companions in our lives for support and joy.

Here are 5 common behaviors that keep you from finding and connecting with your people.

1. Egotism or conceitedness.

A woman taking a selfie on her phone.
Unsplash / Obi – @pixel7propix
Unsplash / Obi – @pixel7propix

It doesn’t take much for new acquaintances to see when someone is conceited.

If you find yourself out in a social setting and realize at some point that you’ve done nothing but talk about yourself and tell flattering stories in regards to your own life, you probably have an ego problem and need to take interest in something or someone else.

Nobody wants to be part of a one-sided relationship, and this behavior will be a major red flag to anyone thinking of spending time with you.