Why Trinity From “The Matrix” Believes We Are Living In An Actual Matrix

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Carrie-Anne Moss was the actress who played Trinity in The Matrix film series, and she’s back with some choice words about the world we live in. She says that we actually are living in a matrix and that it’s up to us to wake up and protect our kids from “being lulled to sleep.”

We think of actors as being people paid a large amount of money to just act in a movie and then go away, but some use their fame to spread good information and ideas. Moss is one of them. On the big screen, she plays a powerful female role, but in real life, she’s a watchful mom careful not to expose her kids to things like addictive smart phones and other things she considered to be “entrapping” in this matrix.

I walk down the street sometimes and I literally think I am in the matrix as everyone’s on their phone and we’re all looking down and we’re all kind of not interacting with each other,” says Moss.

“We’re all living our own little solitary lives,” she says. “Let’s talk to each other – let’s get real.”

She wonders if our addiction to technology will be the next smoking in hindsight.

“We have to be awake, we have to be awake here and … protect them from being lulled to sleep by this idea that they are connected when they are totally not connected.”