The Healing Power

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Where am I?

You wake up in the morning and find yourself in a strange but fairly familiar room.

How does this room make you feel? What kind of decor is in the room? What kind of furniture is in the room? Do you want to stay in the room or leave?

Next, leave the room and imagine yourself walking to the seaside.

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How many people do you see? How far are the nearest people? Is the beach completely empty?

Alright, that’s enough imagining for now. Let’s get into what this all means.

The room represents your childhood, so how comfortable that room felt says a lot about how comfortable your childhood was.

If it was a pretty inviting room, you probably had a good childhood. If it was unexciting or stark, it may indicate a harder childhood.

If the room was bare, it may mean you’ve lost a lot of your childhood memories.

If the room is rather full, it means you can probably still recall much of your childhood.

Did you leave the room?

If so, it means you’re ready to grow up, or when the time came years ago, you were ready for adulthood. Staying in the room indicates that you didn’t want to grow up.

How you saw the ocean is how you relate to the people around you.

If there were lots of people on the beach, it means you’re probably pretty gregarious and enjoy lots of people. If the seaside was deserted, it may indicate a more introverted or solitary tendency.

How far away the people on the beach were is also symbolic of how close you keep people to you.

If they were very far away, it may mean you keep people at an arm’s length. If they were closer, it indicates you enjoy keeping people closer to you.

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