Photo Credit: triplets_of_copenhagen

This woman just gave birth to triplets and her baby bump was enormous

Pregnancy is quite the miracle. The connection between a mother and her baby (or babies in this case) is unlike anything else.

We recently posted a video of a mother and her newborn baby that was absolutely adorable.

Immediately after being born, the baby was introduced to its mother and refused to let go of mom's face! You can watch that video HERE!

One of the most beautiful things in the world is watching how a baby bump grows throughout a mother's pregnancy and it's incredible to see how much a woman's body can transform from pregnancy.

Here is photo of Maria just two days before she went to the hospital to deliver her triplets!

We've all seen baby bumps of spectacular sizes, but this has to be one of the largest and most impressive that we have ever seen!

Maria is a Norwegian woman who just gave birth to triplets with her Danish husband. They've already had one child and their family just doubled in size!

The chances of having triplets is extremely low, so the couple had no way of expecting this going into the pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant with triplets, that usually end up having to be placed on bed rest or even hospitalized for the final months of the pregnancy.

This is due to the fact that the baby bump can become so large that it eventually poses health risks to the mother and her body.

Even so, Maria was able live a normal life at home during her pregnancy and just gave birth to a healthy set of triplets! You can see them in the post from her Instagram page, triplets_of_copenhagen, below:

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