How To Tell If You’re Truly In Love With Someone

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Love can be a very fickle emotion, always doing exactly what it wants to do.

Sometimes, when it comes to love, we learn from the most tragic of heartbreaks how to cope with that despair within ourselves.

However, once you realize that love is something that cannot be contained, you will realize that it is one of the most beautiful things that the world has to offer.

Many people forget that love is usually the answer to a majority of their problems.

Here’s how you can recognize if you are actually in love with the person you are with. If these things describe your relationship, then it might not be love at all.

You Are Only With This Person From Fear of Being Alone

A couple sitting on a bench, facing away from the camera.
Unsplash / Johan Mouchet
Unsplash / Johan Mouchet

If you are only with this person simply because you want to fill the desire of not having to be alone, then this is not true love.

You are with this person because you can’t handle being alone with yourself for more than two seconds, so you need someone else to mirror or vicariously live through the things that you’ve always wanted to.

You may have to look deep within yourself in order to figure out why you are so codependent. You also need to realize that being an independent person from your lover is a very necessary piece of any relationship.

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