This Short Test Will Reveal Your True Personality Alignment

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When it comes to deciding who you are and what kind of personality you have, it’s pretty common that people only choose to recognize the good things about themselves.

After all, self-love is promoted above all else, so why waste time thinking about all of our poor traits and behaviors?

We all have a picture of who we are in our heads. The unfortunate truth, however, is that we don’t always act in ways that align with our true personalities.

The human mind is so powerful in its ability to rationalize and justify its way out of almost anything. Our brains can make even the most negative, detrimental, hopeless situations seem like a basket of flowers.

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So, there’s no true, unbiased way of figuring out just exactly what type of personality you have (at least, not in your own mind). There will always be a part of you sticking up for that bad habit or poor behavior.

One great tool for discovering your true personality type is in the quiz below! It takes an unbiased leap into the depths of who you are to figure out what kind of personality is truly held within your being.

Don’t be afraid of what you might find! It only benefits you to know the limits of your good and evil.

Whatever your personality may be, this quiz will shed light on your deeper self. Take the quiz and use the results to gain a better picture of who you are!

Do the results match up with your own personal beliefs about yourself? Or are they completely different?