4 Warning Signs You're Losing Touch With Your True Self

Being true to yourself can be a very vague concept sometimes. We are often faced with adversities in our lives that force us to make changes we aren't exactly comfortable with.

So the identity of who your "true self" actually is can be a very hard thing to keep sight of. The important thing to remember is that your "true self" loves you more than any other person in the world. Here are warning signs that could indicate you are losing that part of your "true self."

Constantly Seeking Acceptance From Others

If you find yourself constantly in need of acceptance from those around you, you must really look hard deep within yourself to actually find any kind of validation that others could give you. You do not need this validation in your life constantly. One of the many hard lessons in life is learning how to cope with rejection. You cannot always have everyone's approval, therefore, you must learn how to accept yourself above all else.

Doing Things You Dislike

If you find yourself doing all of the things you hate, this is a big warning sign that you are losing your true self. If you've suddenly decided to do something you completely despise, what does that say about your mental health? Surrender yourself to what your heart really wants in life. Find the things that you truly want to do and be happy that you were able to find those things to begin with. You will be an entirely different state of mind if you do so.

Spending Time With People You Dislike

If you find yourself hanging around crowds you normally wouldn't ever be seen with, then you have most definitely lost your way to your true self. If you are constantly hanging around people you describe as someone or something you dislike, replace them immediately with the people and things you do like. Find the people who are going to make you the happiest and that feeling will never fade away. If you hang around people you dislike, chances are you will be that much unhappier.

Always Negative Feelings

If you can't help but feel negative 24/7, then you have lost your way to your true self. Do you honestly think that a person should be thinking negative thoughts all hours of the day? This is entirely wrong! When you find a place that allows you to be who you truly are, the negative feelings begin to melt away. Compassion, understanding, acceptance, and more importantly love are all things your true self are dying to experience. You have to surround yourself with the change you truly desire!

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into how you may be losing your true self to negativity.

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