5 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Truly Loved

1. Tell her she's beautiful.

Because she is, isn't she? I mean, you picked her, after all. It's not a given. She wants to hear it. And when she does, she'll know you care.

2. Make sure she know she's a part of your life.

Include her in decisions, big and small. Make sure that she knows she's a factor in everything that you do; in every plan big or small. She'll appreciate it and return the favor. The best relationships are the ones where you grow together, not apart.

3. Let her be fully exposed.

If she's mad, let her holler. If she's sad, let her cry. Just be there. If she fall to pieces, just be there. Listen to her talk about whatever happens to be on their mind. Let her know it'll be okay, she'll get through it, and she'll be stronger for it.

4. Leave your door open.

Figuratively and literally. Make sure that you aren't secluding yourself too much physically or emotionally. Be open. Let her in. She'll know you're always around for her, and she'll return that favor in a heartbeat.

5. Get naked.

Hubba hubba! At the core of it all, express yourself physically. She'll be able to tell it's way more than just banging one out casually. She'll feel the love.

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