6 Signs You’ve Found Someone Truly Unique

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You don’t just trust them, but they prove their trustworthiness.

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Pexels / Emma Bauso
Pexels / Emma Bauso

It’s great if you trust someone, but true trust comes from their proving it. They’re transparent. The computer isn’t password protected. The phone is yours to browse anytime. They prove it by having nothing to hide.

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They take care of themselves.

This is an important one. If they can’t take care of themselves, how could they possible take care of you if you needed it, or a family if it got to that point? They have to be able to show that kind of initiative.

They listen fully.

You can tell when someone isn’t listening to you. That special partner will turn off the game, put their phone down, and look directly at you when you’re speaking. They listen fully to what you’re saying. They aren’t simply waiting for their turn to speak.

Their emotions are free.

A truly special partner will let their emotions flow like the water from a stream. They won’t hold back how they feel. That transparency is important in a relationship, as poor communication leads to resentment and other issues.

They support you but call you out when needed.

The right partner will support you through thick and thin, but they will also challenge you. If you deserve it, they’ll put you through the ringer. They’ll play devil’s advocate. They’ll make you stronger for it.

They’re independent.

It may hurt a little and perhaps feel a little bit weird, but if you’ve found someone who gets along well without you, keep them in your life. It’s important to know that if something happened to you, they can survive. You have to be able to trust their instincts and their abilities to be independent.

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