5 Signs That The Person You’re With Might Not Be The One

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The “one” is usually someone we would like to believe is the person that we can dedicate our entire beings to, shower them with all of our love, and spend as much possible time together without getting sick of each other.

However, there may be a time in this relationship between the two of you that you’re going to have to admit that they aren’t actually the “one”.

An important thing to remember is that everyone is built differently from each other. “The One” may be someone who isn’t anything like you would have expected them to be at all.

Another important thing to remember is that love does exactly what it wants to do. Meaning, that if you fall in love with someone you never thought you’d see yourself with, who’s to say that person isn’t the one you’re looking for?

Either way, we give you these certain kinds of deal breakers when it comes to finding “The One”.

If you have already begun a relationship and have been wondering if they are truly that person you’ve been looking for, then you will want to examine these signs carefully.

Have They Broken Your Trust?

A woman holding both hands up in front of her face.
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez

Trust is a very important aspect of a relationship. If the person you have claimed to love decides to break your trust more than once, this person is not for you.

You need trust in order for you both to not have to worry about whether the other is going to do something horrible behind your back!

Always keep in mind that without trust in each other, you both will surely leave each other sooner rather than later.

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