Signs Your Relationship Is More Toxic Than You Realize

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Relationships can be similar to walking a tightrope at times. Even after being together for years, the strength of a relationship is based off the efforts, intentions and honesty of those involved.

If both people aren’t putting forth a sincere effort, and generally working in the best interest of both people, the dis-balance can cause subtle, yet significant problems.

These periods of irregular energy and communication are bound to occur. As long as the people in the relationship stay honest and receptive to the changing dynamic of each other’s needs, there is nothing they can’t handle.

If there seems to be a lasting element of instability and emotional tension, then the causes should be sought out quickly.

If the couple is being honest and open with each other, a solution should reveal itself.

If there seems to be no solution in sight and no way to deal with the current turbulence, you may be in a more toxic situation than you realized.

Your Partner NEVER Apologizes

'I'm Sorry' spelled out in scrabble tiles.
Unsplash / Steve DiMatteo
Unsplash / Steve DiMatteo

This fact never ceases to amaze. No matter how wrong they know they are, no matter how much it would mean to you, this simple graciousness never passes through their lips. Why should it?

You are the one always messing everything up, being too demanding, or down right ‘crazy’. Even if all those comments were true and you were just a hellion storm on legs, no one is perfect.

We all can run out of patience and snap. After committing acts unfitting the situation, most people, very compassionate and real people, will want to make amends.

If your partner never admits fault or clearly doesn’t approve of the humbling act of apologies, don’t focus on why they claim to do it.

A clever person can justify buying dust in the desert. If you cut out the sound of their petty arguments you will notice a pattern.

In most situations like this, the unapologetic party is refusing to learn from mistakes and life lessons and is using their partner as the scapegoat.

They are perfectly content to use your love and sacrificed self-fulfillment to pad their hard headed ways.

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