Tuesday’s Major Astrological Shift Moves Zodiacs Into Fliratatious Energy, Here’s How It Impacts Your Sign

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Weekly Horoscopes June 20th – 26th, 2022

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This week marks a significant astrological date – the June solstice on Tuesday is the shortest day of the year in the Southern hemisphere and the longest in the Northern. As the seasons change, the Sun moves into Cancer and urges us all to value whatever moves us.

On Wednesday, there’s definitely a party vibe as Venus moves into fun-loving Gemini. This is quite fickle and flirtatious energy, however, so it could cause some angst in established relationships.

The latter part of the week is ruled by a grounded Taurus Moon, which provides stability and focus for anyone with a lot of work to get through.

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At this time of year, your thoughts always turn to your family and home, and the Sun’s arrival in this zone of your chart is both warming and encouraging. Spend as much time as you can with your nearest and dearest because they are your strongest supporters right now.

couple sit forehead to forehead while gazing into each other's eyes and smiling with the sunlight peaking through their faces
Franck Reporter / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Franck Reporter / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

You’ll want to venture away from home in order to socialize from Wednesday onwards, however, particularly if you’re single. Venus puts you in a very flirtatious mood, and there’s nothing wrong with having a great time if you’re dating – if you’re already in a relationship, however, be very careful not to hurt your sweetheart.

The end of the week is helpful for getting your budget in order because you’ll find it easier to avoid excess spending.


Around the Solstice, you’ll notice an increase in positive thinking. This is helpful because you tend to get stuck in depressive spirals at times. Now is the time to turn your face to the Sun.

Venus’ move into the money zone of your natal birth chart brings a sense of extravagance – over the next couple of weeks, you’ll need to keep a careful eye on your budget because spending is so much more fun than saving!

The latter part of the week, ruled by the Taurus Moon, is relatively serene and content for you. It’s an excellent time to exercise your intuition – practice picking up on feelings about people, places, or objects as you tap into your psychic senses.


The Solstice energies encourage you to focus on your finances, ensuring that they are in good order ahead of whatever changes the next season brings. This would be an excellent time to search out better credit or insurance deals and trim down your expenses while you can.

On Wednesday, Venus’ arrival in Gemini is music to your soul, allowing you to dance, laugh, flirt, and indulge your playfulness to its fullest. If you’re single, this is a fantastic week for dating. If you’re not single, be careful that your intentions aren’t misunderstood.

Spend some time in solitude later in the week to get your breath back after the social whirl.

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The Solstice is always a special moment for you, whether you consciously realize it or not – this is your own mini New Year and the perfect time to make positive plans for the coming twelve months.

With Venus moving into the most spiritual part of your natal birth chart, it’s also an excellent time to practice forgiveness and letting go. Bring any residual traumas out into the open, and set free those who have wronged you with your blessing.

The latter part of the week has quite a sociable vibe to it, so don’t hesitate to head out with friends as you wind down from the working week.


The Solstice is a very spiritual time of year for you, marking the moment at which the Sun moves into the most psychic area of your natal birth chart. Spend some time tuning in to higher vibrations and practicing mediumship, divination, or meditation.

The middle of the week is a fantastic time for a party, as Venus sashays into your social zone. Fun, flirting, and frivolity are definitely on the agenda – and why not? It’s about time!

You’ll have to work hard as well as play hard, however, especially towards the end of the week. The lunar energies are quite demanding in your career, so pay attention to detail and be sure not to drop the ball.


During the Solstice energies, you’re very community-focused. Well aware of the interconnectedness of the world, you’re attuned to humanitarian causes now and keen to do whatever you can to improve our collective lot.

With Venus moving into the career zone of your natal birth chart, you may also be able to harness these progressive energies in your career. Does what you do for a living really make a difference? If not, can you find a way to change that?

Travel is highlighted during the later part of the week, especially to somewhere you’ve never visited before. A mind-broadening experience awaits.

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This time of year is always important for your career, and during the Solstice period, you’ll want to do everything you can to showcase your talents. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself. If you won’t, who will?

With an eye on your long-term future, you may want to use Venus’ energies this week to embrace a new skill or course of some kind, especially anything that will help you with marketing, publicity, PR, or reputation management.

Watch out for hidden grudges as the week draws to a close, however. Someone is not on your side, but can you tell who is insincere?


Every year during the Solstice period, you feel the urge to expand your horizons. The Sun now provides you with very positive, enthusiastic, adventurous energy – this would be a brilliant time for a vacation or taking up a new sport.

Venus is about to move into one of the most sensitive areas of your natal birth chart, however. Karmic issues, jealousy, infidelity, and power struggles are all on the agenda, but the key is to stay calm and to use Venusian diplomacy and tact to defuse tensions.

During the last few days of the week, the Moon shines from your love zone, so these are the moments to repair any angst and damage in your closest relationship.


This week’s Solstice energies are very thought-provoking for you, encouraging you to look deep within yourself to find strengths you didn’t know you had. These inner resources will serve you well over the season to come, so have confidence that you will be fine.

With Venus moving into the love zone of your natal birth chart, this can also be a highly romantic week. This energy is flirtatious, however, and hard to pin down, so don’t push too hard for a commitment from someone you’ve only just met.

The later part of the week brings well-organized energy, helping you get ahead with work or engage with colleagues more constructively than of late.

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The Solstice lights up the love zone of your natal birth chart every year, allowing you to wear your heart on your sleeve for once – don’t miss out on this loving, affectionate, demonstrative energy!

Venus moves into your wellbeing zone in the middle of the week, which does tend to dampen your enthusiasm for exercise, diets, and a healthy lifestyle. A little bit of what you fancy is fine, though – don’t be too hard on yourself at this time.

The lunar energies at the end of the week are quite fun-loving in any case, and it’s hard to stick to a diet when you’re partying!


At this halfway point of the year, the energies are good for taking stock of where you are. What has worked well so far – and what not so well? Don’t be afraid to rethink or refine your plans for the next six months; the Solstice energies provide inspiration and courage to do just that.

Venus meanwhile moves into the joy zone of your natal birth chart, which is fantastic news whether you’re single or not. Finding passion in a relationship is much easier now, and there are promising signs that a spectacular date could be truly magical.

Spend plenty of time at home later in the week, however. You’re burning up too much energy and would benefit from some rest.


Every year, the Solstice marks the arrival of the Sun into the joy zone of your natal birth chart in a burst of creativity, inspiration, and fun. These are a magical few days, so enjoy them to their fullest!

You should be feeling content and at ease at home, too, with Venus smoothing over any recent family issues and calming nerves. This is an excellent week for beautifying your home, redecorating, or otherwise making your home your sanctuary.

Use the energies later in the week to reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with; they will be glad to hear from you.

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