5 Radical Shift You’ll Experience When You Meet Your Twin Flame

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You feel complete.

You may feel complete already, but the wholeness that comes from your twin flame is unlike anything you’ve experienced. We’re not saying you should intentionally feel incomplete, because it is important to know how to be happy on your own, but your twin flame will open you up to things you could never have known before.

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Your life purpose reveals itself.

Your twin flame relationship is magical. It really is something else. So many doors open up for you unexpectedly, as if the universe is acknowledging that you are on exactly the correct path in life. You’ll find new passions and reinvent old ones.

A relationship isn’t worked on, but created.

I hear people say things all the time like “relationships take work.” Yeah sure, if you want to think of your love life like a career. When you’re with your twin flame, relationships aren’t worked on, but they’re created. Magic comes at unexpected times and every day is a thrilling adventure.

You create a patient, understanding love.

You may have been in love before, but the love of a twin flame is unlike any other. The love you create together is patient, compassionate, kind, and understanding. It’s a love that allows two flames to prosper together.

You feel at peace.

And what a wonderful feeling it is! Everything in the universe seems to be exactly right. You begin and end each day with a smile.

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