Twin Girls Born With Different Skin Colors Defy 1 In 500 Chance, See Where They Are Now As Adults

When we think of twins, we tend to picture two people who look just alike, think the same, and maybe even can reach others’ minds. That’s because we tend to think in duality; everything seems black and white to us. If something doesn’t fit into a box, we try to make it fit into another. But that’s not the reality of life. We are all so much more complicated, from the way we look to our being.

For this set of twins, nothing about them is ordinary. In fact, they don’t even look like they belong to the same ethnicity. One twin is fair while the other is dark-skinned. Their journey of integrating into society hasn’t been easy. Here’s where they are now.

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A Surprise At Birth

Let’s go back to 1997 when Donna Aylmer received the ecstatic news that she was pregnant with twin girls. The proud parents couldn’t be more excited to have not one, but two babies born at the same time.

Lucy and Maria Aylmer shortly after birth. Edition Edition

The big day finally came when the girls were born in January 1997 to Donna, who is half Jamaican, and their father, Vince, who is white. However, the excitement quickly turned into concern when the parents took a look at the newborn twin girls and realized that one twin was While while the other was Black.