Eating These TWO Ingredients Every Night Before Bed Will Give You The Best Sleep Of Your Life!

To attain the recommended eight hours a night, you will need: five teaspoons of organic honey and one teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. Keep it stored in the fridge. thirty minutes or so before you go to sleep, take a spoonful and let it dissolve under your tongue.

Sounds too easy? Well both of these ingredients are very good for you and when combined, help the body recover better than without.

The Himalayan sea salt helps contains some eighty different minerals that aid the body function better and more naturally. The honey has glucose that helps supply your cells with the energy to do their jobs. This combination helps the body produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that aids in feelings of relaxation and well being.

In 2015, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and found some troubling statistics. At least forty million adults suffer from over seventy different sleeping disorders. So you aren't alone in struggling with the basic need of sleep. Share this option with your friends, chances are they could use some help as well.

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