Two Major Astrological Events Set To Mislead Zodiacs In Unpredictable Ways In This Week’s Horoscopes

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This week, there are two major astrological events: Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, moves into go-getting Aries, and Mercury, the messenger planet, turns retrograde in flirty Gemini.

Jupiter’s change of signs blesses anyone willing to take their future into their own hands. Don’t wait for others to sort out your life – take charge, and take the initiative. This way, you can create your own luck, as Jupiter will help you manifest your dreams.

However, with Mercury turning retrograde, communication is slow, misleading, or unpredictable. Be very clear in what you say, and ensure that others understand. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask for clarity if someone says something you find confusing or unclear.

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When Jupiter arrives in Aries, you will be at your very best – it’s a great idea to plan major projects to coincide with this transit because your positivity, vitality, enthusiasm, and dynamism will carry you through just about anything!

Use this energy this week to plan some grand adventures for the near future. Travel is well-starred, and you’ll also find it much easier than usual to sell your vision and ideas to people you want to impress.

However, your communication skills will suffer a direct hit when Mercury turns retrograde. You may need to explain yourself extra carefully or take time to go back over instructions several times.