Two Major Astrological Events Set To Mislead Zodiacs In Unpredictable Ways In This Week’s Horoscopes

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This week, there are two major astrological events: Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, moves into go-getting Aries, and Mercury, the messenger planet, turns retrograde in flirty Gemini.

Jupiter’s change of signs blesses anyone willing to take their future into their own hands. Don’t wait for others to sort out your life – take charge, and take the initiative. This way, you can create your own luck, as Jupiter will help you manifest your dreams.

However, with Mercury turning retrograde, communication is slow, misleading, or unpredictable. Be very clear in what you say, and ensure that others understand. Likewise, don’t hesitate to ask for clarity if someone says something you find confusing or unclear.

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When Jupiter arrives in Aries, you will be at your very best – it’s a great idea to plan major projects to coincide with this transit because your positivity, vitality, enthusiasm, and dynamism will carry you through just about anything!

Use this energy this week to plan some grand adventures for the near future. Travel is well-starred, and you’ll also find it much easier than usual to sell your vision and ideas to people you want to impress.

However, your communication skills will suffer a direct hit when Mercury turns retrograde. You may need to explain yourself extra carefully or take time to go back over instructions several times.


Your spirit guides surround you closely this week as Jupiter arrives in the most spiritual part of your natal birth chart. This would be a perfect time to explore your spiritual gifts and practice manifestation, gratitude, and psychic skills.

Use the very best of Jupiter’s highest intentions through volunteering or helping someone vulnerable or disadvantaged this week.

When Mercury turns retrograde, Taurus, you will need to watch your spending. It’s easy to lose track of your finances during this period, so set a budget and monitor it closely. You may also feel more inclined to comfort spend – but will that solve anything?


Teamwork is vital this week, Gemini, especially once Jupiter changes signs and arrives in the community zone of your natal birth chart. It’s time to team up with others for a charitable or humanitarian purpose – or to get to know people who resonate on your wavelength.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is about to turn retrograde in your own zodiac sign, however, which may temporarily mar your confidence. If you find yourself – literally! – lost for words, take a step back from the social scene for a day or two until you find your feet.

During Mercury retrograde, you may also experience brain fog at times. Don’t worry, it will pass – but while it lasts, make lots of lists to jog your memory.

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As bountiful Jupiter climbs to the very top of your chart, Cancer, you can expect lucky breaks in your career or good progress towards your ambitions this week. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, so a promotion or raise is certainly not out of the question – but don’t kid yourself that this is just good luck; you’ve earned this “luck” through your hard work.

When Mercury turns retrograde, you may want to hide away for a little while. Fight the urge to become a hermit – you may not feel all that sociable, but you still have so much to offer the world. Expect some strange and very vivid dreams during this period, all of which have messages from your higher self for you to decode.


Jupiter’s change of sign is all about adventure and travel as far as you’re concerned, Leo. If you’re stuck in a rut, this is the push you need to break free. Do what you can to bring change to your life. From major lifestyle shifts to simply taking a different route home from work, every little bit of novelty will help to refresh your spirit.

When Mercury turns retrograde, social relationships may take a bit of a hit. This is nothing to worry about; it’s just that you’re less able to express yourself clearly, so your friends may not know where they stand. Make an extra effort to show people your appreciation.


his week, Virgo, Jupiter’s zodiac sign change brings you a bountiful windfall. That may be financial – especially in the form of a legacy – but it’s just as likely to be emotional or sentimental. Matters of intimacy, jealousy, and vengefulness are swept away by a positive new attitude and a warm-hearted generosity in love. Suddenly, everything seems doable, and the problems you were facing no longer look so impossible.

However, Mercury, your ruling planet, is turning retrograde this week. For you, this could prove tricky in your working life, as your career zone is impacted. Be especially clear in any written work you have to provide or present – if you are vague, your words can and will be misinterpreted.

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Jupiter arrives in the love zone of your natal birth chart this week, Libra, blessing your love life with warmth, optimism, kindness, compassion, and joy. This can be an exuberant time, with plenty of lovely memories to make – don’t wait, seize the moment!

This astrological transit also boosts your other interpersonal relationships. Quite simply, your personality gets an added dose of magnetism, which is perfect for business and meeting new friends.

Watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your travel zone, however. Double and triple-check travel arrangements and other important details. Delays and frustrations are highly likely, but if you plan ahead to incorporate these expectations, you’ll be able to keep smiling.


Get a grip on those bad habits once and for all this week. As Jupiter changes zodiac signs, Scorpio, you’ll feel much more able to replace harmful habits with new, positive ones – excellent news for your health and wellbeing.

Jupiter brings expansive good news for your daily routines too. Better time management will let you free up extra hours in your day, so you’ll feel less stressed and less pressured.

However, there could be some communication issues in a close relationship, especially when dealing with sex or intimacy. Mercury turns retrograde in this area of your chart, so be especially careful to speak the truth, clearly and simply, from your heart.


Jupiter, your ruling planet, is moving into your joy zone this week, Sagittarius – what’s not to love about that? Hopefully, you will feel more free than usual, with more independence, more opportunities, and fewer things to hold you back.

This energy is perfect for travel, adrenaline sports, countryside adventures, and wild new hobbies. Jupiter can take things to excess, however, so do look after your safety if you’re planning something exciting.

Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone this week, so you’ll also want to be very clear with your sweetheart when you communicate your plans and goals. Don’t assume that they are necessarily on board. You may have been confusing, vague, or otherwise unintelligible.

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Need some more space, Capricorn? As Jupiter changes signs this week, your home and family are blessed by this planet’s expansive,ever-growing nature – so real estate matters are well-starred, as indeed are new arrivals in the family!

You can channel this energy by pouring love and attention into your living space and redesigning it as you see fit. There are links to the past here, too, so you may be inspired by all things vintage and nostalgic.

With Mercury turning retrograde in your wellbeing zone, however, you will need to take extra care of your mental health during this period, Capricorn. It’s vitally important that you don’t stifle your feelings – open up to someone about how you feel.


Jupiter encourages you to upskill this week, Aquarius – new training, new knowledge, and new intellectual discoveries will thrill you to no end. This energy is also warm and expansive towards your neighbors and your neighborhood, so you may want to get more fully involved in your immediate local vicinity.

However, Mercury is turning retrograde in your creative zone, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little bit blocked regarding good ideas or artistic issues.

Mercury retrograde may also inhibit your normal common sense in decision-making, Aquarius. Impulsive or reckless actions are more appealing than usual but do try not to do something you later regret.


With Jupiter now arriving in your abundance zone, you are truly blessed by this bountiful, fortune-bearing planet. You can expect financial pressures to ease considerably, Pisces, and you may also find it easy to discover new sources of income.

Jupiter also shines a very positive light on your values and other intangible blessings, helping you feel authentically at one with your world.

However, Mercury turns retrograde in your family zone this week, Pisces, which can lead to some tense standoffs among relatives. It’s best to let family members let off steam when necessary rather than trying to avoid arguments altogether. Get things out into the open.

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