Two Women Go On Breakup Vacation Together After Finding Out Both Were Dating The Same Man

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When you start dating someone, you trust them with your heart. You make yourself vulnerable and risk heartbreak in the name of love. Still, you never expect the person you’re falling for to end up betraying you. There’s no way to prepare, and the signs aren’t always obvious.

The feeling of betrayal is heartbreaking, yet these two women were able to make the best of it when they found in the worst way that they had both been betrayed by the man they were dating. This is how they caught him.

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Living In Blissful ignorance

Faith Bistline was in what she thought was a happy relationship of over a year. Between her successful career as a nurse and her relationship, she couldn’t wait to celebrate everything she had accomplished with her 30th birthday coming up.

Faith standing at the beach at sunrise
Faith Amelia / Facebook
Faith Amelia / Facebook

So, she planned a trip to Costa Rica with her boyfriend of 18 months and was excitedly counting down the days. What more could you want than celebrating life in paradise with your lover alongside you?

Then, everything changed thanks to a message from a stranger on Facebook.

The Message That Changed Everything

Thanks to the day and age of smartphones and social media, everyone knows everything about you at all times. Faith proudly posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend for the world to see.

Tracy Le Blanc / Pexels
Tracy Le Blanc / Pexels

In response, a strange woman sent her a message that read:”Is he your boyfriend?” with the revelation that “he’s been dating my friend for the past 10 months.” Just like that, Faith’s trust and excitement for the upcoming trip were shattered.

The birthday trip was about to turn into a breakup trip.

Confrontation And Investigation

Faith was shocked when she received that message. Like any other human being, she didn’t want it to be true. Hoping that there must be some sort of reasonable explanation, she forwarded it to her boyfriend. Yet, the boyfriend just ignored it… This raised her suspicions.

text conversation between the girls
Courtesy of Faith Bistline Via The Washington Post
Courtesy of Faith Bistline Via The Washington Post

Faith embarked on an investigation of her own with the mission of finding out the truth for herself. She quickly realized that her boyfriend had two girlfriends…

The Freaky Moment of Realization

It turned out that the boyfriend was also dating another woman named Emely Ortiz. This was the woman who had messaged her. They had been dating for a whole 10 months, and she also thought that they were monogamous.

text converstation 2 between girls
Courtesy of Faith Bistline Via The Washington Post
Courtesy of Faith Bistline Via The Washington Post

Faith and Emely decided to get the facts straight from each other. Emely asked: I just want to know how long you guys have been dating for,” Emely asked. “Did he ever mention me to you or you had no clue?”

At first, Faith was hesitant to reply, probably holding on to some hope that this was still somehow all a big mistake. But the longer her boyfriend took to reply, the more she was tempted. Finally, she answered Emily back and said:

“I had no idea,” she wrote “This is sorta freaking me out. We’ve been dating for almost a year and a half. I’m trying to give him the opportunity to explain himself to me, but he’s not responding to me right now.”

The Boyfriend Thought It Was Funny

Finally, the boyfriend replied to Faith and tried to brush it off like it was some big joke. His reply said: “I guess I have some explaining to do,” with a half-laughing emoji. Faith was in no mood to laugh and thought it was twisted that he even thought the situation could be funny.

girls making peace signs about to bungee jump
Faith Amelia / Facebook
Faith Amelia / Facebook

Emely on the other felt like she deserved an in-person confrontation. She tried showing up at his apartment but didn’t find him there. So she went again the next evening and caught him this time. All he had to say for himself was that he should never have let it get so out of hand.”

That’s when the women realized that they would get no relief from him and that they had a better chance of finding closure within each other.

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From Heartbreak Comes Friendship

Faith still had her whole costa Rica birthday planned ahead of her. Except now she definitely no longer wanted to share it with the unidentified boyfriend, a doctor who was doing his residency where she was a nurse.

Amalia and Faith in lagoon
Faith Amelia / Facebook
Faith Amelia / Facebook

Instead, she decided to use this situation as an opportunity. While the circumstances of meeting Emely were unfortunate, she was the only person who, at the moment, knew exactly how she felt. So she asked her to come with her:” If you’re serious about Costa Rica, let me know. I’m dead serious about bringing you instead of him lol.”

Emely was hurting too, but the sound of a trip was exactly what she needed. So she replied: “Yes I’m serious about Costa Rica we need a vacation after this.”

That’s how these two ended up on the beach breakup trip of a lifetime together.

Finding Healing Together

Naturally, Emely and Faith had reservations about each other. Technically they were both “the other women.” Still, they understood that neither one was to blame and that all accountability should be taken by the man who deceived them both.

woman sitting at waterfall in bathing suits
Faith Amelia / Facebook
Faith Amelia / Facebook

Emely even admitted she had her doubts when Faith made the offer for the breakup holiday. “At first, I was like, this girl is crazy,” said Emely. “But I just thought it might be good for us to heal together because we’re the only two people who know what we went through.”

Faith shared the sentiment and thought that rather than ruining her birthday trip, they could use it as the space to move forward: “I didn’t want to go alone. I was thinking it would probably help us both to go on a trip like this. We deserve this after what we’ve gone through.”

The Pain Of Cheating

The pain of cheating is shattering. Not only does it make it hard for you ever to trust again, but it makes you question if it was your fault, taking a hit to your self-esteem as well. Plus, there is the grief of losing a partner and the idea of who you thought they were. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The faster you walk away, the sooner you can start your healing.

the girls take picture on the birdge
Facebook / Faith Amelia
Facebook / Faith Amelia

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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