This Definitive 25 Question Test Will Determine Which Type of Introvert You Are

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Have you noticed all of the hype surrounding “introverts” lately?

The once misunderstood personality trait has made somewhat of a cultural debut after numerous psychologists and researchers discovered that a large number of people identify themselves as opposite of their “extroverted” peers.

While being introverted was once considered a type of behavioral abnormality, it is now considered quite common.

In fact, there are numerous different types of introverts that can be categorized within the overarching label, each one describing the different nuances and little quirks that make them unique.

This 25-question test dives deeply into the world of your mind to figure out which type of introvert you are.

Of course, each of the six possible types share the same basic introverted tendencies (like preferring to spend time alone), but outside of the basics you’ll find that they’re all very different.

From the Champion to the Artist, to the Mastermind to the Healer, each specific type of introvert has been borne from the ever-expanding definition of ‘introvert’ that so many of us now use to describe our broad (and sometimes reclusive) personalities.

Take the test and find out for yourself just where you lie on the introversion spectrum!