There Are 9 Types Of Intelligence. Which Kind Do You Have?

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First off, before we get into the different types of intelligence, take to determine which type of intelligence you posses!


1. Linguistic intelligence.

This type of intelligence focuses on language skills, as the name would suggest. This type of intelligence produces the best writers and poets, as well as orators.

2. Logical-mathematical intelligence.

This type of intelligence focuses on the ability to think analytically and discern patterns. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at math, but that you learn it more easily.

3. Bodily-Kinaesthetic intelligence.

This type of intelligence allows you to use your body more skillfully than others. This makes for great athletes, surgeons, and craftspeople.

4. Spacial intelligence.

This type of intelligence is most commonly experienced through thinking in images and being able to recall images and memories more easily. This intelligence is, as I’m sure you can guess, common among artists.

5. Interpersonal intelligence.

This type of intelligence is experienced in people who experience empathy more so than others. This intelligence enables you to identify with the experience others have. People with this kind of intelligence make great social workers, politicians, and teachers.

6. Musical intelligence.

This type of intelligence is characterized by the ability to remember music, pick up instruments easily, and appreciate features of music that others don’t hear. Naturally, this type of intelligence yields better musicians than the others.

7. Intrapersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal intelligence is like interpersonal, but it’s more inwardly focused. You’re able to connect with yourself and your own feelings about things. You hold yourself as the priority, not others.

8. Naturalist intelligence.

This is the rarest type in the list. Naturalist intelligence is an intelligence relating to the natural world. You understand the environment and often are able to learn easily what each kind of plant and animal is.

9. Existential intelligence.

Existential intelligence is the intelligence of deep-thinkers and philosophers. It moves people to question everything down to existence itself.