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5 Different Types Of Soulmates Everyone Will Meet And Love In Their Life

The friend soul mate.

Not every soul mate is going to be a romantic one. A friend soul mate is essentially your "best friend," but lasting a lifetime. You never lose track of them and they never lose you. They're your friend soul mate.

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The spiritual soul mate.

This is a person you connect with on a spiritual level more so than others for seemingly no reason. This is often a platonic soul mate as well. You feel like you've known each other for eons but it isn't a sexual kind of romantic relationship.

The stranger soul mate.

The stranger soul mate is a soul mate who comes in quick and leaves quickly too. The relationship is brief and often completely platonic. It's a new friend, a best friend, who moves away a year later, only to lose touch with you completely.

The affair soul mate.

This is an awkward type of soul mate. They have the energy and passion of, well, an affair. It doesn't necessarily mean you're cheating on someone in order to have this soul mate. You can be single and experience them as well. It's exciting and different.

The disaster soulmate.

This soul mate comes in like a wrecking ball, so to speak. They enter your life and break stuff up. They may come in peacefully and stick around for a long time. They appear in our lives when the peace needs to be broken and monotony must be ended.

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