UK’s First Down’s Syndrome Couple To Marry Received Heartbreaking Diagnosis On 25th Anniversary

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Love is a concept we try to understand and make sense of. While it comes down to brain chemicals and hormones, love is such a profound concept that we can’t always use logic to define it. That would mean setting rules ad bodies to it that simply don’t apply.

For this couple with Down Syndrome, the whole world stood against them and told them they wouldn’t make it. They decided to prove everyone wrong and they did…until they received a devasting diagnosis on their 25th anniversary,

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The Fateful Encounter

The couple met at a life skills training center in 1990 ad it was basically love at first sight. At the time, Tommy was living in residential care after losing both his parents when he was just 12 years old. He was making the best of his circumstances despite having a craving for more.

Tommy Pilling, 62, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, lost his battle to coronavirus on January 1, leaving behind his doting wife Maryanne, 49 (pictured together when they were young)
CatersNewsAgency / DailyMail
CatersNewsAgency / DailyMail

The day he met Maryanne, everything changed. They were instantly attached at the hip. Her parents took him under their wing and the two became inseparable. About a year and a half later, Tommy asked Maryann’s mom for her blessing to marry her daughter. He bought a plastic ring from a vending machine and proposed. Maryanne said yes without hesitation.