6 Uncomfortable Feelings That Actually Mean You're Evolving

If you are starting to feel certain uncomfortable feelings at this point in your life and you aren't exactly sure how to cope with them, do not worry. This is a very normal process that everyone must go through in their life.

As you continue to grow each and everyday, so do your feelings. Change in general is a very hard thing to cope with.

Experiencing Intense Dreams?

If you have started having strange and indescribable dreams as of late, this is just your subconscious soaking up all the changes that have happened in your life. Your mind has a funny way of projecting the way you feel in your dreams and how you would normally try to handle a situation.

Do not worry about these strange dreams, they will go away the more comfortable you become with the sudden new way of living.

Wish Things Were the Same?

If you still wish that things were still the same, this is also more than normal. While longing for the same comfortable feelings you had once before, this change can seem like the end of days.

This is not the case. As much as you wish to go back in time, you are still going to have to learn how to cope with the same unfamiliar feelings. Take things in strides, one at a time, slowly, and you will realize that this change may not be so bad after all!

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