9 Ways Old Souls Express Love Differently

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As old souls, we have unique outlooks and distinct personal formations. We differ enough from the norm that it can be hard to engage and understand us romantically.

Below are a couple of those differences. Keep in mind, that we are trying to be there for you, and that is equivalent to a promise to bridge any gaps in good time.

Here are the nine ways old souls express love differently!

Old Souls Look For A Person That Can Ground Us

A couple smiling at one another as they stand before a lake.
Unsplash / Ryan Jacobson
Unsplash / Ryan Jacobson

We get caught up in our imaginations and musings, very easily. We need someone that can gently remind us of our responsibilities and goals.

We can focus too much on the ideal product or abstract thoughts, ignoring the here and now. Having someone that we trust and that knows us well enough to pull us back to Earth a must.

We’re Unconventional

We aren’t tied down by normal societal traits, our search for the truth means we have different priorities than most.

With these different priorities, we use resources in ways that most never consider. Get ready to think outside the box.

Trust Our Instincts

We started learning at a young age, the deeper meanings of live and personal truths.

That coupled with the stored knowledge of our past lives mean that our intuition is rarely wrong. If we say we feel a certain way about something, take it under serious advisement.

We’re Known To Brood From Time To Time

Normally seen as serious and reserved characters, we are definitely not pessimistic or moody. This brooding is usually disappointment.

We are disappointed in ourselves, humanity or groups of people. We see the possibilities in everything and get upset when people or institutions fall short of their potential.

Communication Is The Greatest Form of Intimacy

Hugging, sex and cuddling are cool, and we are definitely fans. However, hearing about your childhood, dreams for the future, fears and anything else that is unique to you, gets our goat.

You opening up to us and using your genuine voice to guide us is just about the most beautiful and sexy thing you can do.

Don’t Try Too Hard To Impress Us

Be yourself and focus on your goals. Trying to specifically impress us is distracting and off putting. We end up wondering what you are trying to hide or compensate for.

We Can Be Difficult To Understand

We sometimes have a lot of self contradictory wants and methods.

For example: while we crave stability, we are trying to inject chaos and ensure room for spontaneous growth. Just show us your support and we will thrive.

There Are Times That We Will Isolate And Not Wish To Engage

Sometimes we will not want to hear about your day or wish to engage in social activities. It’s no that we don’t care, it’s more we don’t have the energy to participate fully.

We care too much and any unforeseen emotional content could send us off the end. Please take the rain check as a sincere promise.

We Don’t Have Casual Encounters

We need and crave emotional content and genuine passion. You have to understand and truly care for a person for those formations to occur and be exchanged.

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