Personality Types To Beware Of In New Partners

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Falling in love with someone for the first time ever can often blind us to what is actually the cruel intent that the other person has in mind.

Sadly, most of the time people get stuck in these relationships and feel as if they are entirely trapped by how harmful and toxic the other person really is.

The warning signs are there, we just have to make sure that we are looking at the right kind of negativity from the same person we thought we loved the most.


A woman yelling at her boyfriend outside.
Pexels / Budgeron Bach
Pexels / Budgeron Bach

If your significant other has assumed the role of a dictator, meaning that they control literally every aspect of your life, then this is one of the biggest warning signs in a relationship you could find.

These kinds of people give you grief for not doing things their way or that you’re doing something the wrong way or just that everything you do in general tends to be wrong, you need to really consider leaving this person and finding your happiness again or consider standing up for yourself and fighting in what you believe in.

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