What Starts Happening When We Strengthen Our Connection With The Universe

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The Law Of Attraction is a modern spin on ancient philosophies. Through conceptualization and effort we can draw more positive elements and opportunities to us.

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If we imagine an opportunity or aspect of reality and focus on it, working towards that goal, we can manifest our desires and wishes.

It’s a simple concept that a lot of people complicate.

Below is a checklist of common occurrences that happen as we start to strengthen and broaden our communication with the universe or higher power.

You Always Feel Ready For Change

A butterfly resting on a branch containing many cocoons.
Unsplash / Håkon Grimstad
Unsplash / Håkon Grimstad

You aren’t afraid to face your fears and challenges head on, giving everything you’ve got to life. You accept the things you can’t change and are grateful for what you can change.

Change is a necessary and unstoppable part of life.

By welcoming constantly in flux aspects of life, we ensure that we are in a position to best take advantage of our shifting horizons.